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Excited Children in Science Class

STEM After School Clubs in schools in Bexley and throughout London

At Lauriann's STEM Club we aim to raise awareness of the opportunities available when it comes to careers in STEM. We help promote diversity within the STEM fields through our After School STEM Club. STEM Clubs are a great way for more time to be spent on STEM topics that inspire and spark children's interests in STEM careers. 

Art Fun

Why run an After School STEM Club at your school?

  • raise awareness of STEM subjects  

  • raise the profile of STEM subjects in the school and in the wider community  

  • enable students to compete in STEM-related competitions and challenges 

  • enable students to better understand potential careers and enhance employability skill sets 

  • increase opportunities to liaise with industry and the local community 

Benefits of a STEM Club

  • increased enjoyment of STEM subjects 

  • increased confidence in STEM subjects 

  • increased knowledge and understanding of STEM subjects 

  • increased key employability skills 

  • increased awareness of STEM-related careers 

Technology Class

Why Choose us?

  • We are based in Bexley and operate locally, serving schools in Bexley and outer boroughs.

  • We are a trusted organisation with experience delivering STEM outreach in schools, community events, and STEM Clubs. Our most recent STEM Club we have run was at Belmont Academy in Erith. 

  • We manage the entire club program, from the interface between the parents and payments made to the club

  • You can decide whether you would like to pass on charges to the parents or pay a percentage or full amount of club fees

  • All Staff are fully vetted

  • We have a competent team of fully trained staff from a variety of STEM backgrounds​


Find out more about our After School STEM Club program by emailing us.

Crafts Activity


  • Each week we rote the topics delivered in each session so students participate in either a science, technology, engineering, and math topic every session.

  • Some sessions will involve either group work,  design projects, individual design projects, and science experiments

  • Kids have the opportunity to take their individual work home

  • Most of our session activities will take place indoors within a class room setting. When the weather is nice, we like to take our sessions outside during some weeks so we can deliver a more interactive activity, which engages our surroundings and the environment

Biology Class


We have received amazing feedback from our after school club programs.

Check out our google reviews online

To explore our workshops or find out more about diversity and careers in STEM call 07506 133159, email or fill in the form below: 

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