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STEM workshops for secondary schools in Bexley and throughout London

At Lauriann's STEM Club we aim to raise awareness of the opportunities available when it comes to careers in STEM. We help promote diversity within the STEM fields by offering workshops, events and careers advice as part of schools' outreach programmes.

Mechanical Engineer

About Lauriann's STEM Club

At Lauriann's STEM Club we believe in encouraging the next generation to follow their dreams and pursue a career in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM). We promote diversity within these industries and like to present positive role models who can provide information, inspiration and help with motivation. Everyone is welcome when it comes to our workshops, but we also actively encourage young female students and students from minority ethnic backgrounds to be aware of the opportunities in STEM that may exist for them.

Our team works with women already in STEM to provide guidance and encouragement. We have a range of workshop packages available, but we work closely with each individual school to come up with the right STEM workshops to engage their students.

If you are in STEM and want to get involved, then please fill out our volunteer form.

Building a Robot


We believe that the younger generation should be inspired to make their own decisions about their future. Our STEM workshops are uniquely tailored to provide a resource for teachers and careers advisors. We use the time spent with the students to inspire, inform, and motivate all who are in attendance. We also partner with local STEM businesses to provide young people exposure to stem careers, through work experience.

Find out more about our upcoming Summer Workshops by emailing us.

Boy with DIY Robot


We engage young people in fun, engaging, learning activities during the time that we spend with them. We enlighten younger people about the various career paths into STEM. We showcase that a career can be found in STEM for all, and it opens up many opportunities. Awareness is key and our STEM industry professionals shine a light into what they get up to in their careers. Stem is ever evolving, and we highlight this by getting younger people involved in hands on activities to showcase how STEM interacts with our everyday lives.

Writing on the Board


We host online and face to face events throughout the year. Not only do the younger generation benefit from our talks and sessions, but we like to engage the local community, and involve parents and teachers in the STEM conversation. We host family friendly Stem insight events and career days to highlight STEM career prospects.

To explore our workshops or find out more about diversity and careers in STEM call 07506 133159, email or fill in the form below: 

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